The Leesburg Vipers - Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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2013 St. Patricks Day
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Chas Sumser
Head Coach
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2014 Virginian
The Final Tournament
The Avalanche showed well in their final travel tournament.

2013 Capital Fall Classic
A Pretty Good Weekend
Finishing as tournament semi-finalists was a happy ending to an otherwise tough season.

2013 Rush for the Cup
It Was a Grind, but My Team Showed Up
We knew that this would be a tough tournament and it was all of that. But I never saw my team give up, and I'll take that every time

It Was Just Time
A turning point arrives suddenly, but not unexpectedly.

2013 St. Patricks Day Tournament
Just What We Were Looking For
A pre-season tournament intended to get us going together turned out just right.

2012 Dulles National
A Fresh Start in Light Blue
After a great summer mini-camp, the new Avalanche came together for their first tournament.

2012 FPYC Liberty Cup
Best Tournament Ever
A championship is what you get when you play nearly perfectly for four straight games.

2010 Virginian
Lost and Found
The Avalanche lost a tournament, but found themselves in the process.

In Memorium
Shawn Haines, 1986-2009
A Viper leaves us too soon.

déjà vu All Over Again
A wet practice brings back memories.

Viper Memories
Feelings Shared
They made my life special by letting me be a part of theirs.

Fall 2006
Is it Avalanche or Avalanches?
I used to try to make a definitive answer to this question, but now I've decided not to…

The Ashburn Avalanche
A New Beginning
Welcome Ashley, Caris, Dana, Hannah, Holly, Nicole, Sarah, Shelby, and Tyla to a new first season.

Spring 2005 - SFL Tournament
It Takes Eleven
On a sweltering afternoon, eleven heroes emerged to claim the SFL Tournament championship and win the final Viper game.

Spring 2005 - Game 8
The Time of My Life
I always wanted the boys to have fun playing soccer. Guess who enjoyed it the most?

Spring 2005 - Game 7
So Long, Loudoun County
The last home game of the Viper era brought back a lot of great memories.

Spring 2005 - Game 6
One for the Memory Book
In the final match against their archrivals, the Red & Black pulled together for a sensational win over the Cannon.

Spring 2005 - Game 5
Struggling to Compete
The Vipers showed signs of life as they battled through the first half, yet Herndon's attack proved too much for the team and the Vipers lost, 5-1.

Spring 2005 - Game 4
A Game Not Played
For the first time ever, the tired, sore, depleted Vipers had to forfeit a match.

Spring 2005 - Game 2
Vipers Earn Gritty Victory
With some of their stars out or banged up, the Vipers travelled to Springfield and survived a hard-fought match, 2-0. The victory wasn't pretty, but it was well-earned.

Spring 2005 - Game 1
Final Season Begins on High Note
The Vipers 20th and last season started with a solid victory over a tenacious Vienna team. Two second half goals by Tim Marshall clinched the victory.

Fall 2004 - SFL Tournament
What I Am Thankful For
A banged up Viper team simply ran out of gas to end the season. But who cares? There is so much for us to appreciate.

It's Just An Old Ball
If you blinked you missed Chris Giangi and John Weeks walking to the center of the field with a mangy old soccer ball filled with more memories than air.
1Little River 293%
2Mid-County 182%
3Fairfax 279%
4Herndon 479%
5Herndon 275%
6Prince William 571%
7Loudoun 271%
8Gunston 168%
9Lee Mt. Vernon 268%
10Herndon 161%
04.09.05, 2:15pmVipers - 2
Vienna 1 - 1
04.16.05, 1:00pmVipers - 2
Springfield 1 - 0
05.07.05, 12:00pmVipers - 0
Herndon 1 - 2
05.08.05, 3:00pmVipers - 0
Springfield 2 - 1
05.14.05, 2:15pmVipers - 1
Herndon 4 - 5
05.15.05, 2:30pmVipers - 2
Loudoun 2 - 1
05.21.05, 2:15pmVipers - 1
Prince William 5 - 3
06.04.05, 12:00pmVipers - 3
Herndon 2 - 2
06.11.05, 3:00pmVipers - 3
Vienna 1 - 0
06.12.05, 2:30pmVipers - 1
Lee Mt. Vernon 1 - 0
Lee Mt. Vernon 1000
Captains: J. Weeks, C. Giangi
Game Balls: J. Thomas, S. Porter, J. Stanbridge, S. Jenkins, T. Marshall, T. Soukup, T. Dezendorf, J. Beerman, C. Hudspeth, J. Weeks, C. Giangi
Goals: C. Giangi
Assists: T. Dezendorf

Vipers, C. Giangi at 23m from T. Dezendorf